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Super Mario 64, stars acquired

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Sitiens said...
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Yay! Finally got time to mess with Shifting Sand Land (2 stars) and did Snowman Lost His Head. Also took one star in Lethal Lava Land, if only I didn't have to face the @#ยค%&/ Bullies...
Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 (N64)

Genre/Style: Action/3D Platform
Release Date: 16/DEC/96
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Talk about a blast from the past. Is this your first time playing this game? Or are you trying it again, simply for nostalgia's sake? Either way, you go and get those stars. One of my proudest gaming achievements ever is getting all 120 stars and getting to see THE reward. I won't spoil it for you.
@Vice_Destroyer: Yep, it's my first time ^^ Really, it was my mother (old fan of Super Mario 8-bit) that dreamed about playing Mario 64, but when we got the consol+game a year ago, she didn't play and so I started instead :-) Omg, kudos to you! It must have been loads of fun, I can only hope to get that far ^^
I got all the stars in the original, and the added content/tougher Mario 64 DS. There were a ton more stars, new paintings, and a few hidden bosses too. Not to mention 4 playable characters.

You really do feel proud after getting them all.

May I add, Mario Galaxy (getting all 242 starts) and Sunshine left me feeling very accomplished as well. Especially the meteor levels.
Yeah, I'm kinda dreaming about playing the newer Mario games :-)
They're pretty pimp, I'm waiting on mario galaxy 2.
Awesome :-)
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